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This is such a wonderful way to embrace and enjoy life. Stay curious and playful with your questions and decisions. Decide what you want your life to look like and make decisions that move you in that direction. And you can always course correct when needed.

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Great points. I often get asked to help my flooring customers pick paint colors. Most of the time I'm very confident; but occasionally there are times when I feel very pressured to get the "right color!" and that intuitive sense becomes less detectable. This totally explains why.

Can also say from my own life that viewing decisions as ONLY RIGHT or ONLY WRONG, paralyzed me for years out of fear of getting it wrong. And consequently me being at fault for making the "dominos of life" fall in the wrong direction. ...Realizing as I get older it's not quite as serious, and usually not irreversible. You can always make another, better decision. Especially with paint!! :)

Very helpful info!

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Love this. I often get decision paralysis and am so afraid to make a costly mistake. Your article inspired to let it go and work with the flow of what comes out it. ✨

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I have been thinking about this all week. I am great at the big, hard life decisions but then belabor the small stuff. With design especially I worry about getting it “wrong” because of the cost to fix... and I have a science background so if I choose y because of x and then x is no longer true, well that undermines the foundation of the decision!! Design is so much more fluid than science. You can try but never predict how it all with go and sometimes the mistakes and required “fixing” lead to something more interesting. I’m determined to shift my thinking from right and wrong to seeing possibilities. Thank you for bringing a mindful, thoughtful approach to this space! ❤️❤️

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What a great read! As a designer builder, this helps me to work better with our homeowners and to also bring them some piece of mind during the building process. Thanks so much for the post!

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