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I love the differentiation between a 'body doing' and a 'creative being.' Beautifully worded. It helps me acknowledge that it's really hard to do both at the same time, and I should embrace which ever it is I'm doing. Thank you for the thoughtful words.

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Our culture tends to value and reward busyness. Because it is equated with importance.

A wise person in my life has said, "If life is unmanageable, something needs to be surrendered [to God]." Currently, I'm wrestling with whether or not I *really* need social media in my life. My life is more productive, my mind clearer and my self-worth better when I take a break. But it seems a "necessary evil" today. And seeing the work of professional designers inspires me. ..so that internal debate continues.... As I am getting older, I often miss the simplicity of childhood - yes, adulting is necessary. But the simplicity of childhood is in just having time to "be", whether that's outside or through play. I too have had times where it is all about the to-do task list, and while it can feel good to check those off in accomplishment, the other coin's side (for me) is drainage.

Ultimately, I think our culture needs to value rest more, and perhaps more than we value accomplishment. Would probably help with our tendency to compare as well.

Appreciate your thoughts, Marianne. Wishing you moments of rest and inspiration in the coming weeks!

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